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How (and why) I Babysit

I started babysitting soon after I turned 13.  It began with my siblings. Of course, you know, if you can handle your siblings, every other kid will be a piece of cake. My parents would go out on dates or to bible study together and I would watch the youngins’.  I always knew exactly where they were going and had the usual phone numbers.

Then I started getting requests from other parents.  I got lots of questions about how much I charge and I always gave the same answer. “Nothing.”  I loved the stunned looks on parents faces.  That’s right, I don’t charge anything to babysit and never have because I look on it as a way to bless people.  Now, of course, people don’t allow you to babysit for free, so they always gave me something, but it never mattered how much it was. In fact, this one mom I babysit for doesn’t usually pay me in cash. I often watch her kids when she goes out shopping with her mom and she always buys me something as a thank-you. I’ve gotten scrapbooking stuff, a Vera Bradley lunchbag and shower caddy (for camp!!!), tea mugs, candles, ect. I love it!!!

I’ve babysat overnight (or for a few nights!), for bible studies within my church and for other churches, for parents wanting to get away for a few hours, and for moms who need to take one child to the emergency room (you know who you are)!  Watching my siblings has somehow changed over the years. Now, WE kick the parents out on a date!  I hardly ever know where they are going or when they will be back, unless they’re going to be out REALLY late.  It’s really funny when your five year old brother will beg Mom and Dad to go on dates!

I love to babysit! Kids are hilarious and it’s a great way to bless others.  Rebecca can’t wait until she’s old enough to babysit!  I started writing a book for her on the topic that contains all my knowledge and advice. I better hop to it or she’ll be old enough before I know it!

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