Detesting Sin

21 Feb

It’s not often I write a post like this. I usually shy away from writing posts on political, celebrity, or social topics. The reason being that those things are just not as important as spiritual things. However, I found out something last night that really struck a chord with me.

I found out that Vision Forum is now closed.

I love Vision Forum. I love their values, their passion for history and theology, and most of all, I love their products. Whenever we would get the yearly catalog at my house, it would be passed from person to person for everyone to flip through and see what was new. I used to pore over that catalog ALL the time because I really like this book or that radio drama.

So when I was reading a blog I frequent last night and it mentioned something about my favorite company being closed, I was shocked. How, why, when?!  So I did what every good, homeschooled girl does in that situation: I Googled it. And I found out why.

Vision Forum closed because of sin. Sin in their leader and founder. As I read the article, hatred started to well up inside me. Not hatred of the sinner (grief for him), but of sin. I was so filled with sadness and the effects of one man’s sin. I deeply despised sin. It was a curious feeling: I was almost in tears of anger last night (and as I’m writing this) over someone else’s sin. It wasn’t because I was upset at loosing all the wonderful products I loved. I was upset that this company’s ministry was lost. I was crying over sin.

This company had such a good witness and had the capacity to be a wonderful aid to families. It was all ruined. Sin destroys. And it has far-reaching effects. I’m sure Mr. Phillips wasn’t thinking about me while he was sinning. His one sin affected so many people who loved his company. Who were encouraged by its products and ministry.

This served as a reminder to me that my sin always affects others (even when I may not realize it). Not all of us are the leaders of a huge company and the result of our sin may not reach around the world but it IS hurting someone. Sin is full of self. Actually, sin is the epitome of selfishness. It’s all about me and my wants and fleshly desires. Sin is NEVER thinking of someone else.

I can’t wait for the day when there is no more sin.


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