Valentine’s Dinner

18 Feb

Remember on Friday when I posted that we were postponing our Valentine’s Dinner? Well, at 9:30 on Saturday morning, Mom asked us if we felt well enough to do it. Ummmmmmmmmm…………yeah…..I guess. Caroline and I exchanged panicked glances. Sometimes, keeping a secret is hard. Because, my Mom didn’t know that this year we had planned…a dinner theater.  And that we had already contacted the one other person outside of our family who was in the play and told him it was canceled.

Caroline and I RACED to the store to get the last things we needed. We tried to call our friend’s house and left a message. On the way to the store, we ran over everything we still needed to do. You see, we canceled it early on Friday so we didn’t do any of the preparations we were going to do that day. Luckily, or rather, sovereignly, we saw our friend’s Dad at Wal-mart and talked to him- they hadn’t really made any plans and he thought it would still work. We had invited our friend’s parents over and were planning on serving them dinner with our parents.  Check mark number one.

We got home and kicked the parents quickly out the door.  And then I did one of my favorite things: I made lists.  A list of food that needed to be made and a list of what needed to be done as regarded the play.  The menu: marinated chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, rolls, and for dessert, strawberry-chocolate parfait.  Nothing real fancy like in past years because I needed time to work on the play too.  As much as I could, I made ahead of time.

I started preparing food and Caroline worked on the set. She made a cutlass out of cardboard and foil. She cleaned up the whole basement where we were doing the play. We wanted to make sure that Becca, Bethany, and David were well enough to do the play, so we let them rest most of the day.

The play was The Pagemaster. We all liked the story and even David knew it because he had watched the movie. We adapted the story to fit us- no flying dragon.

At 4:00, our friend arrived and we attempted to run through the play with him once. We had never practiced together and we had changed a few things since I had given him the script, so we had a lot to cover. Amid this, my potatoes boiled over (silly me, I had the lid on them:)  and my bottom pan of rolls burned. Boy, I’ve never had this much trouble cooking!  I finally left Caroline to finish running through the play with our friend and went to finish the food.  Parents arrived, food was given, and the play started.

It went so much better than I thought it would. It was a lot of fun and there were several, unplanned, humorous moments. Like me forgetting the intermission until I was one scene past it!  And, of course, when you have a five year old playing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, you know you’re in for some laughs!!!

Over all, I think my parents liked it and I managed not to get upset even though I was a little stressed. Everyone had a lot of fun and we can’t wait till next year!


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